Sexuality and health among young people in Sweden


Sweden crime situation compared to the USA, in 4 charts

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Nordic rape statistics

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Health Statistics for the Nordic Countries. Until 2017, the NOMESCO routine health statistics were published annually in Health Statistics for the Nordic Countries. It includes a wide range of comparable health-related statistics as well as a description of the health systems in the various countries. I Nordicoms tabelldatabas finner du nordisk och svensk mediestatistik.

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Data refer to female population only. Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence.

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Nordic rape statistics

NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research 11 (2):  Statistics, surveys, facilitating events, creating marketing material and presentations. Lökkeberg & Lund-Johansen-bild.

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About the statistics. Brå has published new recidivism statistics from 2012. The statistics have been improved through various measures in terms of reliability, quality and timeliness.

We reviewed rape statistics surrounding Coachella . av SS Werkö · Citerat av 7 — Appendix 5: Description of the survey study and the response rates . Although Sweden is the only Nordic country that has not yet introduced a spe- cial law on patient compared a research process with solving a mystery in a crime novel. moderates the effects of workplace diversity?
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Download the tables (in Excel format unless otherwise stated). When citing the statistics please credit both the primary source/s/ and Nordicom. Health Statistics for the Nordic Countries.

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The police reporters, at the same time, point out that media prefers to see only a small part of the problem. They report that assault rapes account for less than one-fifth, 13 per cent last year. Most rapes occur in close relationships and partnerships, many others occur in the context of celebration and substance abuse. statistics of their services since the eighties. An English version has long been wanted, reaching a broader public than the Nordic countries. Apart from a Swedish publication in the early nineties, this is the fourth English edition of this series of correctional statistics edited by the Correctional Service of Norway Staff Academy.

Under the Istanbul Convention, a human rights treaty ratified by all the Nordic countries, rape and all other non-consensual acts of a sexual nature must be classified as criminal offences. However, the laws in Finland, Norway and Denmark still do not define rape on the basis of lack of consent.